Piano Belloso Music Studio

Schedule & Attendance

2018 Schedule Overview

The studio operates on a year-round schedule, with lessons occurring Monday-Friday during the hours of 9:00AM-9:00PM, and Saturday during the hours of 8:00AM-5:00PM. I do not teach lessons on Sunday.

The 2018 lesson schedule will be divided into the following terms:

  1. Winter/Spring (January 2 - May 27) - 21 weeks
  2. Summer (June 4 - August 19) - 11 weeks
  3. Fall (August 27 - December 23) - 16 weeks

The above terms comprise 48 out of the 52 weeks in a year. However, students should only expect to attend an average of 40-45 lessons depending on Holidays, Vacation, and other absences (see below).


Studio Holidays

There are several lesson days throughout the year in which no lessons will occur due to scheduled holidays and vacation. Because tuition is billed as a flat rate, the amount due does not change even during months when a planned Holiday or other studio closure occurs (see also Tuition).

The studio will be closed on the following days in 2018:

  • May 12-15 (Teacher Vacation)

  • May 28 (Memorial Day)

  • July 3-4 (Independence Day)

  • July 12-16 (Teacher Conference & Training)

  • November 19-25 (Thanksgiving Week)

  • December 22-January 6 (Winter Holidays and Winter Break)


Teacher Vacation

In addition to Holidays and planned studio closures, I may take a up to a week of vacation in July to attend teacher training and/or conferences. I may also take another week of vacation at some point later in the year, TBD (usually in September). I will always notify students well in advance of vacation so that you can plan accordingly.


Attendance Policy

Upon enrollment, students will be scheduled for a weekly, recurring lesson time. Regular attendance at the scheduled time is a requirement. A parent or guardian is required to be present for all students under the age of 18 for legal purposes. For students 15 years old and younger, a parent (life coach) should remain for the duration of the lesson and is expected to be an active participant (see Parent’s Role).


Missed Lessons

If, for any reason, a student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson, contact me directly ASAP (call, text, or email). Even if you have cancelled the lesson via the Student/Parent Portal calendar, I expect students or parents to speak with me directly and make every attempt to give at least 24 hours’ notice.

Each student’s scheduled time slot is not likely to be filled by another student in the case of last-minute cancellations. Therefore, each cancelled or rescheduled lesson costs me both time and money. Because of this, I cannot guarantee that I’ll reschedule or offer make-up lessons, except on a case-by-case basis. Generally, if a student misses a lesson that they have committed to, they are still obligated to pay for my time, regardless of actual attendance.

Extended Absence

A student’s journey can be described as a kind of “snowball,” building momentum as each successive challenge is met and mastered. Too many interruptions in the lesson schedule or long breaks can disrupt the continuity and flow of a student’s progress, sometimes taking several weeks to regain inertia. This is why the studio operates on a year-round schedule, as stated previously. While I understand and appreciate the value of rest and relaxation (thus my own scheduled vacation and holidays), I also firmly believe that achieving results where music lessons are concerned requires a commitment to the long-term relationship with the learning process.

As such, I do not recommend or allow that students miss any more than two consecutive lessons (or 2 weeks) at any given time. If I observe that a student is missing too many lessons, I will always make several attempts to communicate my expectations in this regard. As a policy, however, I reserve the right to dismiss any student who is either unwilling or unable to abide by a consistent, regular schedule.

If you must be absent for an extended period (three or more consecutive lessons), but wish to remain a student, there are a couple of options:

  • Discontinue Lessons, then re-enroll upon your return. Depending when you stop lessons, and what payment plan you are on, this could result in forfeiture of paid lesson fees (see Discontinuing Lessons). Re-enrollment is also subject to availability if I have a waiting list.
  • Reserve your lesson time by paying regular tuition during your absence. If student will have access to an instrument, I can provide additional assignments remotely, or even offer supplemental Online Lessons.

Teacher Absence

Aside from scheduled Holidays or Vacation, if I am not available to teach a lesson that a student has already paid for, I will, of course, do my very best to either reschedule or give the student credit for the lesson. Lesson credits are given by pro-rating the student’s tuition (see Tuition).

Punctuality & Tardiness

Plan to arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled lesson time (no more than 5 minutes). It is extremely important that you are punctual so that you do not miss any important material or disrupt the flow of the class. If you expect you will be more than 10 minutes late, please contact me via text or email (do not call) to let me know your status and/or ETA.

For in-home lessons, I will arrive within a 5-minute window of scheduled lesson start time. If I foresee being more than 5 minutes late, I will text or call to let you know my ETA. Try to have all materials at the piano and be prepared to begin lessons when I arrive.

Like Extended Absence, consistent tardiness can create a disruption in the continuity and effectiveness of the learning process. If I observe that a student is arriving consistently late, I will make attempts to communicate my expectations in this regard. As a policy, I reserve the right to dismiss any student who is either unwilling or unable to abide by a consistent, regular schedule.


Studio Visitation Guidelines

The following are guidelines for students and families to follow when visiting the studio location for weekly lessons: 

Whittier Studio Location Exterior.JPG

Parking & Arrival

The main studio location in Whittier provides ample street parking. You may also park in the driveway, but please be mindful not to block existing cars. Plan to arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled lesson time, but do not approach the entrance more than 5 minutes in advance (see Punctuality & Tardiness). 


Cleanliness & Hygiene

To promote cleanliness in the studio, hands are to be washed and/or sanitized before each lesson, and upon entering the studio, PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SHOES. Attendees may leave socks on or bring slippers. 


Use of Electronics

Prior to the beginning of lesson, students and family should silence all electronic devices. While students will be using devices regularly during the week to access their Student Home Materials, they will not need these devices during the lesson itself. 

For parents and any non-participating visitors, there is public Wi-Fi available. Just ask for the password, and keep devices in silent mode to avoid distracting others.

If you must accept an urgent call, please step outside.


Food and Drink

Food, chewing gum, candy, and beverages (except bottled water) are not allowed during lessons.

bathroom sign-1867354_1920.jpg


There is a restroom available in the studio. Please plan to use it if necessary before or after the lesson. All students must wash their hands afterward. 

2017-11-26 20.43.44.jpg

Studio Cats

Please be advised that I do own two cats!

They may not interact with you during your lesson, and I try to keep the studio environment as clean as possible, but if you are allergic to cats specifically, please let me know as I may be able to offer an alternative location for lessons.

Get Piano Soon.png

Illness & Allergies

If you are sick, or think you may be getting sick, please contact me right away to cancel or reschedule your lesson (see Missed Lessons). If your illness is contagious, I would prefer that you miss a lesson, rather than put your fellow students (and teacher!) at risk.

Sometimes, allergies can create just as much havoc as illness. If you are sniffling and sneezing, or constantly taking a break to use a tissue, this can be distracting to both you and others. Please consider cancelling or rescheduling your lesson if you are experiencing severe allergies.

Discontinuing Lessons

Students are free to cancel or discontinue lessons at any time, for any reason. However, as an encouragement to honor music lessons as a long-term commitment, I do not refund any fees paid in advance.