FAQs and the Five "W's" Part 2: Who, Where, and When Do You Teach?

...EVERYONE. ANYONE. That's right. Music is not just for elementary school children. I don't know why that is such a commonly misguided assumption. I accept and have experience teaching students from age 5-75. My personality and style typically resonates with teens and young adults, but that doesn't mean that they are my only "target." I believe that absolutely EVERYONE IS MUSICAL, so I aim to nurture and support that musicality in anyone who is interested.

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How to Find the Right Piano Teacher, and Why You Should Choose Me

Hopefully, by now, you've come to a conclusion about how having a teacher is a superior experience to self-guided learning. If you're still on the fence, be sure to read my previous article. 

If you know for sure that you want a private piano teacher. How do you find one that's "the one"...or, at least, the right one?

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FAQs & the Five "W's" Part 1: What Do You Do For A Living?

In the normal course of my day, I get asked this question by lots of people. I'm sure you're familiar with the typical scenario. Maybe you're out to dinner with a group of friends, or you meet someone new at your church, and one of the first questions that comes up for adults is...

 "So...what do you do for a living?"

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Why You Need a Piano Teacher

So we live in the age of the internet, an era of instant connectivity. One of the primary benefits of everyone being linked and connected to each other so easily is that the sharing of knowledge across large expanses of the globe, and even across time, has become almost second nature and effortless. For someone wanting to learn an instrument like the piano, it only takes a few seconds to find literally countless options for learning how to play - from online lesson courses like Udemy to YouTube tutorials and everything in between.

So, why would anyone want (or need) a private piano teacher when all it takes to "master the piano in 4 weeks" is $49 and the click of a mouse? Better yet, why pay anything at all, when pretty much any song you've ever wanted to play can be found on YouTube for FREE?

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