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+ What do you charge for lessons?/How much does it cost?/What are your prices?

There are actually two different costs associated with enrollment in my studio:

  1. Tuition (the cost of attending lessons), and
  2. Student Home Materials (the cost of curriculum).

Curriculum costs are covered in more detail on this page. In regards to tuition, "lessons" is a very general term for lots of different kinds of interactions between teacher and student. You should get an idea of what a "lesson" is before trying to quantify the cost. You can do that by visiting the Lessons page on my website, but I will summarize here. I teach three different kinds of lessons and each type of lesson has a slightly different price:

  1. Shared/Group Classes
  2. Private Lessons
  3. Online Lessons

For a much more detailed breakdown of my pricing, go here. Wondering how my prices compare to the competition? Take a look at this article on the real cost of music lessons.

+ What ages do you teach? How old should my child be to start lessons?

I accept and have taught students as early as age 5. However, I normally recommend starting children between the ages of 7-8. The reason why this varies is because every child is different. I've written an informative article on how to determine when a child is ready to begin lessons here.

+ Do you teach adults? Am I too old to start music lessons?

It's never too late to start. I accept students from ages 5-95. If you are an adult and are feeling tentative about starting a new skill later in life, take a look at this page.

+ Why Do I Need a Piano Teacher? Can't I just learn whatever song I want for free on YouTube?

Go Here for a much more in depth exploration of this topic. The short answer is that learning with a teacher is still the most effective way to learn piano. A live teacher can see what you are doing objectively and make corrections. It's like having a personal trainer or spotter/partner at the gym. It's very difficult to be completely self-aware of what you are doing when you are devoting all of your concentration and attention to just playing the right notes. You could also think of learning the piano as a long, winding trail through a forest up to the peak of a mountain. Your surest bet is to have a guide who travels along with you and gives you directions, support, and encouragement along the path. Sure, you could just use a map or GPS, but that will not be enough for an inexperienced hiker.

+ Do I need to buy a piano or is a keyboard okay? Which piano or keyboard should I buy?

You will need an instrument to practice on, but a keyboard is just fine. You can find out more about beginner keyboard recommendations here.

+ Where do you teach? Do you come to my home or do I come to you?

I live and teach in the thriving, vibrant, and diverse community of Whittier, California. Centrally nestled between a group of communities comprising Southeastern Los Angeles County and North Orange County, Whittier is adjacent to a great number of good schools and community music and arts programs. With the exception of community workshops, all lessons take place at my home studio. For students who do not live near enough to me for a reasonable commute, I can offer online lessons or recommend another teacher, if one is closer to you. For more info, please visit the Locations page.

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