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As a student at Piano Belloso Music Studio, you have an array of different lesson options available, depending on your particular needs and availability. Here is an overview of the different lesson types I currently offer, their individual differences, and their benefits.

Shared Lessons

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The preferred format for the Simply Music Piano program is a shared lesson. Classes usually range from 2 - 10 students and are matched by age and skill level. There are many benefits to this kind of learning environment and, contrary to popular belief, group learning is actually MORE EFFECTIVE than private lessons.

Private Lessons

I offer private, 1-on-1 lessons as an alternative to shared lessons for students who require special attention. This can be for a variety of different reasons, but I like remaining flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of my student body.

Online Lessons

Thanks to the wonders of the internets, I offer lessons via online video conferencing, either in a group or 1-on-1 setting. Students will need to meet certain technical requirements in order to participate.


As an abbreviated or accelerated introduction to the Simply Music curriculum, I offer workshops, which last just 4-6 weeks. Students get to sample the program at a significant discount compared to ongoing lessons, and can participate through community venues, online, or directly through my studio.


Shared Lessons


Superior Results

If you think about life in general, almost everything we accomplish is done in a shared, collaborative environment. Family, community, school, church, work - all operate on the basis of individuals contributing and interacting with others. Why should piano lessons be an exception in this regard?

In shared lessons, students learn in three different ways:

  1. Observatory - seeing others go through the learning process

  2. Participatory - actively processing the learning themselves

  3. Generative - taking what they have learned and applying it in new and different ways, or mentoring and teaching others

In this way, students learn faster and on a deeper level than what can be accomplished in private lessons. The benefits of this format continue:

  • Music is experienced naturally in a social environment rather than being an isolating endeavor

  • Students become quite comfortable playing in front of others

  • Camaraderie and support are built in for both students and parents

  • Students learn from others’ ideas and questions



Life Coach Included

A parent or guardian must accompany students age 15 or younger to every class. In the Simply Music Program, parents are called "LIFE COACHES," and are an essential part of the student's success. For older students, a Life Coach can still be a valuable resource to help keep them accountable. However, most teenage and adult students will be expected to act as their own life coach.

Here are some qualities that a Life Coach is expected to embody:

  • Consistency - Be a consistent presence in class every week (occasional substitutes are okay)

  • Active Participation - Attend and participate in every lesson without distraction

  • Availability - Be available to support the student at home regularly

  • Responsibility - Ensure that the student is completing all assignments each week and help manage this process

For more information on Life Coaches and the role of parents in lessons, please see Roles and Responsibilities.

Class Length and Scheduling Flexibility

The length of each class will vary slightly depending on the number of students enrolled, and their current level, as shown below:

  • 2 students = 30-35 minutes

  • 3-5 students = 45-55 minutes

  • 6-10 students = 60 minutes

Classes may also change in size over time, and so a degree of flexibility will be required in scheduling. Group Class durations do not affect pricing, however, as tuition is billed at a flat rate (see Tuition).


Private Lessons


Private vs Shared

While shared lessons are the preferred format for beginning to intermediate level students in the Simply Music Piano program, more advanced level students, or students requiring special attention, may elect to attend a weekly, private session.

It is actually a kind of "myth" that private lessons are better or more effective than shared lessons. This comes from our inherited culture of education in public schools where individualized attention is difficult to acquire. 

That said, some circumstances can still make 1-on-1 lessons the most convenient or appropriate format. Below are some examples of reasons students might require private lessons:

  • A temporary solution while awaiting a new opening in group class availability

  • Young students (ages 5-6 years old) with short attention spans can take lessons with an attending parent and receive the benefit of both parental involvement (mommy-and-me type class) and teacher's patience

  • Special needs students with learning disabilities or handicap

  • Advanced students who have already progressed through the Simply Music levels requiring specialized attention in preparation for college or professional endeavors

Private lessons cost a bit more than shared lessons. See Tuition for more detailed information on pricing.




While ongoing, weekly lessons are the best long-term solution for achieving mastery of the piano, I understand that the level of commitment required can be daunting for some. For this reason, I offer workshops for potential students to "try out" the Simply Music program in a structured, shorter-term environment, at a fraction of the cost of normal lessons.


Take Simply Music Piano lessons on a "test drive."

The Simply Music Piano method is revolutionizing music education, with students of all ages playing contemporary, classical, accompaniment, and blues, from their very first lessons! While the program is meant as an entry level curriculum, it will take students an average of 3-6 years to progress all the way through the more advanced levels. 

In contrast, workshops treat potential students to a selection of pieces designed to introduce them to the method over the course of 4-6 weeks

No reading, no experience, and even no instrument is required*.

For students who've already taken lessons before, I also offer "fast-track" accelerated learning workshops, that cover the same material in as little time as 2-days (one weekend).

In either case, workshops provide students with a greater understanding of how the program works, as well as giving them an immediate experience of their musicianship.

*Student materials include a practice pad that may be used during the workshop. 

What's Included?

During the workshop, students will learn four songs selected from Simply Music's Foundation 1 curriculum, each in a different style:

  • Contemporary/Pop,

  • Blues,

  • Classical,

  • Accompaniment.

In addition, some time will be spent learning how to improvise and compose, using simple elements from each song. In some workshops, an informal recital or playlist party will take place at the end of the workshop, giving students a taste of performance.

Pricing and Format

Workshops are available as either Group Classes or Online and vary slightly in price depending on any current Special Offers and Promotions. I do not offer workshops in a private,  1-on-1 format.  

Participation in a workshop qualifies students for the added benefit of a significantly discounted promotional price when signing up for ongoing lessons.

Group Workshops

Group Workshops are available directly through my studio, or through various community programs, depending on the season and community. Click below to view the current offerings.

Online Workshops

Online Workshops are available as an instant, on-demand video series, allowing students to work at their own pace. This self-directed program is called Play With Simply Music and is available from Music Geeks Unite for $49. 

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