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Financial Policy

Below is a detailed explanation of the various costs and billing options associated with lessons. This includes the following topics (click any topic to jump to that page):


Billing and Payments

Family Discounts


Student Home Materials & Curriculum

Registration and Supplemental Materials & Technology Fee

Travel Fees

Discontinuing Lessons

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It's important to understand that tuition is charged as a FLAT MONTHLY RATE. You can think of this as a subscription or membership fee (ex. Spotify, Netflix, Gym membership, etc.)

This means that regardless of the number of lessons actually attended during a given month, the tuition rate will remain fixed (see also Schedule and Attendance policy).

Current Monthly Tuition Rates are as follows:

Please Note: For students enrolling through a 3rd party organization such as the City of La Mirada, Tuition rates and policies are different and will vary according to the institution and class you are enrolled in. 

Monthly Payment Plan

For added convenience, students and families who enroll in auto-pay receive an additional $5 discount on their monthly tuition.

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Billing and Payments



Invoices will be emailed 7 days in advance, and will include a PDF copy and an online payment link. If you are receiving text notifications, you will also receive a reminder to check your account in addition to an email.



Automatic Payments

Once automatic payments have been set up, payment will be automatically deducted from your card or bank account on file during the last week of each month (usually on the 27th).

While I can accept most forms of payment, a valid debit, credit card , or bank account (EFT) is required for automatic payments. Students and families can update or change their card on file any time by accessing the Student/Parent Portal.

Students and families who enroll in auto-pay receive an additional $5 discount on their monthly tuition.


Late Fees

Any payment received more than 5 days after the due date, as stated on the invoice, will be automatically assessed a $25 late fee, which will appear on the following month’s invoice.

Family Discounts

When additional family members enroll, students will receive the following discounts applied to their combined tuition cost:


Referral Bonus

Word of mouth absolutely the best way to advertise for most any business. The results my students achieve are the very best evidence that I am doing something right. Every year, I must budget for advertising and marketing. But I would much rather receive new students via your recommendation. Here’s how it works:

If you refer someone to directly to me, both you and the new student will reap the benefit! Your referral will receive an exclusive 50% discount on their first month of lessons. Once the new student completes 3 months of lessons with me, I will also split one month of their regular monthly tuition with you.

For example, let’s say you refer your friend to me in January. Your friend signs up for Shared Lessons (normally $99/mo.) They will only pay $50 thanks to your referral! Then, in April, you will receive a $50 credit on your account as a “referral bonus.”



To receive their discount new students must mention YOUR NAME as a referral when they enroll. Credits cannot be applied retroactively. Anyone referred before August 1, 2018 is not eligible. Referral bonuses only work in situations where I can fully control the financials. Thus, I can only offer this program to students who attend lessons at my studio. Students and families who enrolled through a 3rd party organization such as the City of La Mirada are not eligible for this discount. In addition, referrals must enroll directly with me at my studio in order to receive their referral discount

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Student Home Materials & Curriculum Costs


Simply Music Student Home Materials

To participate in the Simply Music Piano program, students are required to create a user profile via the Simply Music Student Store and must maintain continuous and ongoing access to all streaming video, audio, and documents via the internet. Most materials are available to purchase in digital-only format, although PDFs (printable documents) are also available as physical “books” (hard-copies) that may be shipped for an additional cost. Simply Music Student Home Materials are not included in your tuition.

Student Home Materials can range in price from $5 - $45 depending on the level and format (digital or physical). Typically, a purchase is necessary every 3-4 months, depending on each student’s speed of progress or the pace of each class. You should expect to spend an average of $100 per year on these materials. For a more detailed description of Simply Music Student Home Materials please visit their website at the following link:


OR you can view the Student Brochure PDF here.

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Registration and Supplemental Materials & Technology Fee

Upon initial enrollment, every new student will be charged a "Registration Fee" of $60.

This fee is recurring and will be re-assessed annually, appearing on each student’s invoice as a Supplemental Materials and Technology Fee (“SMTF”).

The SMTF offsets the cost of various equipment and software that are incorporated into the normal lesson environment, such as the Better Practice app, cloud storage, other apps such as Garage Band, and studio equipment upgrades. 

Registration Fees may also be re-assessed in the rare instance of students who discontinue lessons temporarily, and then return to lessons after a period of time greater than one month.

If a student decides to go on vacation for the entire summer term (June-August), they can either hold their spot on the studio roster by continuing to pay tuition, or discontinue lessons completely, then restart when they return. Even if a student has been assessed the $60 registration fee in January, they would have to "re-register" when they returned to lessons in Fall, thus incurring an additional Registration Fee.

Books, Sheet Music, Apps, Software, Etc.

Occasionally, books, sheet music, apps, or software will be discussed that are not included in the Simply Music curriculum. I always discuss in person what exact materials to purchase, then provide a direct purchase link via email. The reason for this is related to licensing and copyright. On very rare occasions, I may have items available for purchase directly from me, but this will always be an exception. 



Travel Fees

Travel Fees only apply to students currently enrolled in In-Home Lessons.

In-Home lessons are no longer available to new students as of Fall 2017.

Travel Fees for students within a 10-mile radius of the studio are $5 per lesson and are calculated based on the actual number of lessons attended in the month.

Lessons occurring at a location greater than 10 miles away from my studio are taught on an exception basis at my discretion. Travel Fees for lessons greater than 10 miles away are calculated based on $0.50/minute of average one-way travel TIME, not distance. 

TIP: If my studio is too far away for you to travel to, contact me about the possibility of Online Lessons.

Discontinuing Lessons

Students are free to cancel or discontinue lessons at any time, for any reason. However, as an encouragement to honor music lessons as a long-term commitment, I do not refund any fees paid in advance.

If you are considering discontinuing lessons, for any reason, please contact me directly by either calling me on the phone, or discussing your decision in person. This will allow me to offer advice, discuss transitioning to a different instrument or teacher, or even find a solution that you might not have considered.

While losing a student will never be a enjoyable experience for me, I will never shame, judge, or treat anyone harshly for having to quit lessons.