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The Student Guide Book

All of the above policies and more have been compiled into a downloadable Student Guide book. This guide contains a detailed catalog of all important information, necessary for students and their families to have a positive experience at my studio.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding scheduling, attendance, practice, financial, and general expectations are answered within. Please take the time to thoroughly review the guide in its entirety. You can download the guide as a printable document file using the link below. 

About Exceptions

Policies can feel a little bit like “the law.” They are meant (like the police) to protect and serve expected, “normal” interactions and be a guide for students and myself to fall back on when issues and questions arise. Policies, however, cannot address every possible variation of human interaction. So, I want you to know that I do allow some room for making exceptions or “bending” the rules when I feel that it is necessary or appropriate. My students, and people in general, always come first. And I promise to make every effort to remain flexible in that regard.

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, or concerns regarding your experience at Piano Belloso Music Studio.

Important Disclaimer

For students enrolled via third-party (such as the City of La Mirada or another community organization) my pricing and policies may differ slightly in order to conform to that organization's own terms and conditions, as well as any specials that are being offered.

If you have enrolled via a third-party, please be sure to also refer to the specific policies and pricing documentation provided to you. For more information please see Special Offers and Promotions.