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1st Annual Piano Practice Games

Piano Belloso Music Studio presents the 1st Annual Piano Practice Games, aka “Pianolympics.”

Any student who is enrolled and using the Better Practice app to track their practice can choose one or multiple “events” to compete in. Winners in each event category receive medals, and one determined practice champion will have their pick of several amazing and unique prizes. The competition begins October 1 and ends at Midnight on November 1.

So get ready!


Games and Events


There are three main categories of events that any student may participate in at any level (see below for details). In addition, I’ve included a Chord Challenge for students in the Accompaniment Program, and an Ultimate Practice Championship for students wishing to compete in multiple categories simultaneously.

All students must use the Better Practice app to record their practice time in order to receive credit for their chosen event(s). In some cases, I may ask students to provide additional proof that they completed the event or challenge - such as playing a specific song or otherwise demonstrating that they logged their practice accurately and fairly. Students should begin the competition by deciding ahead of time which event or challenge they’d like to focus on. Then, share your decision with me during your lesson (or by messaging me). This will allow me an opportunity to explain the rules in detail, and help you get started.


The Mostest Something Something

Better Practice tracks the amount of time spent using the app each session. In addition, various other details are kept on record, such as the number of different songs/items practiced, and how each practice was graded by the student/parent. All of these details can be seen in the Practice Summary on the “Insights” page.

  1. GOLD MEDAL - Most time practiced overall

  2. SILVER MEDAL - Most number of items practiced

  3. BRONZE MEDAL - Most songs graded “Awesome” (student must be able to demonstrate playing the song nearly perfectly from start to finish in order to grade it “Awesome”).

Streak Cred

A “streak” in Better Practice is a number of days practiced consecutively, without skipping. After logging in to the app, you can see your current streak on the home page under the section titled “My Recent Practices.”

  1. GOLD STREAK - Practice the entire month without missing a day (each day must be at least 15 minutes).

  2. SILVER STREAK - Practice 5 consecutive days in a row at least 4 times within the month.

  3. BRONZE STREAK - Practice 5 consecutive days in a row at least 3 times within the month.

monthly calendar-august-3486022_1280.jpg


Sprints and Races

  1. GOLD MEDAL - 1,000-MINUTE DASH - Be the first student to complete 1,000 minutes (or more) of practice within the entire month.

  2. SILVER MEDAL - 500-MINUTE DASH - Be the first student to complete 500 minutes (or more) of practice within a 7 day time period.

  3. BRONZE MEDAL - 100-MINUTE DASH - Be the first student to complete 100 minutes (or more) of practice within a 3 day time period.




In addition to the above events, there are two special challenges for more advanced students…


Chord Challenges

For students who have begun the Accompaniment program, using the Chord Game in Better Practice to improve their skills should already be a part of their daily practice. If you’ve managed to continuously beat your high score at home, then step up your game to the next level, and take the challenge at your next lesson! Results will be recorded into the official Studio Records, and the students with the fastest times in the following challenges will be crowned winners.

  1. GOLD CHORD CHALLENGE - Complete the chord game with both hands (BH) for all known chords (whichever ones you know), including sharps and flats.

  2. SILVER CHORD CHALLENGE - Complete the chord game with both hands for Maj, Min, and Sus chords, including sharps and flats.

  3. BRONZE CHORD CHALLENGE - Complete the chord game with both hands for all shapes (Straight, Triangle, Curve), including sharps and flats.

Ultimate Practice Championship

Are you a Piano Practice Champion? Do you have what it takes to get the Grand Prize? Compete and place Gold, Silver, or Bronze in ALL of the above events (Chord Challenge not required for students who have not yet started Accompaniment). The student with the most medals will win the Ultimate Practice Championship.



Prizes & Medals


Every student who competes will experience a HUGE lift in their actual ability to play. That’s a promise! My hope is that students will discover that they are capable of much more than they realized was possible. In that way, the competition is its own reward. That said, EVERY contestant who places Gold, Silver, or Bronze will also receive REAL medals and more…

Gold Piano Medal.PNG


Every event category has Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards. Students will be awarded an actual medal based on their placement in the competition. If a student competes in multiple categories, they have a possibility of receiving multiple medals, and may also qualify for the Ultimate Practice Championship. For this special category, a different medal will be awarded, along with the Grand Prize.

There may also be some secret surprise awards given, depending on each student’s effort and individual improvement during the competition.

Grand Prize

The student who wins the Ultimate Practice Championship will receive a special, spinner-style medal. In addition, they may select one of the following as their grand prize:

Spinner Gold Medal.PNG
Musical Tshirts Selection.PNG

Musical T-shirts

I have over 30 hand-picked musical t-shirts to choose from. The winner may choose their favorite. Sizing and color is customizable for most of the shirts.


$20 Gift Card to the streaming music service of your choice.

In most cases that means two free months of a subscription, or 20 song downloads! Possibilities include iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, and Pandora.