Piano Lessons for Beginners


It's a common misconception that music lessons are exclusively for young children. However, it does takes a brave and audacious person to start (or restart) music lessons a little "later in life." I'm hoping that person is YOU!

Maybe you took lessons as a child, but stopped for whatever reason, and you're now choosing to try again. 

Perhaps, you are someone who has worked hard for many years, and you've decided to take music lessons now that you have the time and resources that you never had before. 

Whatever your circumstances or background, I am more than happy to work with you.

Thanks to the Simply Music Piano program, you can now



Don't buy in to the "deferred life plan."

You really have no idea just how much music lessons will enhance your life and well-being (Seriously, it makes EVERYTHING better!).

Don't assume that it is just a "leisure activity" or underestimate its importance.

Although piano lessons can be relaxing, fun, and challenging in a good way, the benefits you will reap go well beyond learning that song you always wanted to play.

Starting Over?

If you're feeling tentative or shy about "going back to school" as an adult, realize that choosing to grow and expand yourself in a new direction is one of the most mature, responsible,and "adult" decisions you can make.


Music Is Meant To Be Shared

In addition, realize you are not alone. While I do offer private lessons (1-on-1), many adults begin lessons in a shared lesson class. Find a friend or two to sign up with you! It's more fun, it's actually more effective, and it's more affordable too. 

Regardless of age, my specialty is making music lessons accessible for everyone in their busy 21st Century lives. For adult students especially, I don't demand hours and hours of practice, recitals, competitions, or exams because I want you to make music for your own reasons. If it's fun, and rewarding, and challenging in a positive way, you will spend however much time you can practicing without me setting some arbitrary goal. Should you want to perform, I can provide opportunities to follow that path. But I don't believe that that path is for everyone. 

What I do believe, is that EVERYONE, without exception, is deeply and profoundly musical - even the person that does not believe they are. And I can take that natural musicality and turn it into a whole repertoire of fantastic-sounding songs - Pop, Contemporary, Blues, Jazz, and even Classical styles.


Learn to access your natural musicality and start playing songs immediately, from your very first lessons.