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Music Player Management

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In the studio lesson environment, you will often see me interacting with my iPad and a bluetooth speaker, which allows me to quickly cue audio tracks, soundtracks, and musical examples via YouTube, Spotify, and other online resources. Fully utilizing such resources provides a much richer and more fulfilling experience compared to just playing the music on a laptop, iPad, or phone speakers.

While I often discuss the use of audio tracks in the Simply Music Student Home Materials, the overall setup of devices, media, and music players (as well as the music listening experience in general) could definitely benefit from a more detailed exploration. This page dives deeper into how students and families can bring that rich music experience home…or anywhere.

If you are already an avid music lover, and have familiarized yourself with the standard technological tools that aid our connection to music (i.e. streaming, downloading, syncing, iTunes, headphones, earbuds, mp3 files, music library management, etc.), you may just want to browse the topics below and jump to a section that you find helpful or interesting.

For those of you who have limited experience or understanding in this area, I’ve created a special video tutorial.


Audio Setup

What you will need, and how to set up your practice space in a way that allows quick and easy access to various media (video, audio, and soundtracks). If you have an electronic keyboard, I’ve provided some additional ideas for practicing with your keyboard’s different voices and rhythms.


Streaming Apps

Info on how to use apps and software that will allow you to stream media via an internet connection (Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc.), as well as some recommendation on cloud-based storage.


Downloading and Music Library Management

Info on how to use apps and software that will allow you to download media and store it on your computer or mobile device (with or without iTunes).