Piano Belloso Music Studio

A refreshing alternative to traditional music lessons for the communities of Whittier, La Mirada, and beyond.

We offer Simply Music Piano lessons for

  • children,

  • adult beginners, and

  • experienced players of any age.

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Piano Belloso Music Studio is located at

15155 Mystic St, Whittier, CA 90604

Our Phone Number

(949) 342-4262


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Are we the right music school for you?

10 Benefits to Becoming a Student at Piano Belloso Music Studio

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#1) Access to a revolutionary approach that will have you actually playing the piano with both hands from your very first lesson.

You heard that right. At this school, we learn by playing...not just by reading music. Like learning a new language, we want students to try out their new "vocabulary" right away. And both students and their families will find themselves immersed in the universal language of music from the very beginning. But that's not all, because we know that full immersion in a new language also requires repeated exposure on a regular basis. So, we will give you the tools you need to establish a regular practice routine at home, and a repertoire of songs that will establish a foundation for more advanced music styles later.


#2) A well-trained, innovative teacher, who is focused on students...not just personal performance.

There are many teachers in the area who have college degrees and professional performance experience, and I am one of them. But not every great performer teaches and this is often because they are too busy... performing. It can also be because many great performers are not necessarily even good teachers. On the other hand, I consider music education to be both my profession and my calling, not some side-gig that I will do until I "hit the big-time" or "become a star." I am committed to my students 100%. While I do pursue other facets of my musicianship (like producing, recording, and performing), my experiences are a personal form of self-expression, and they will always be a secondary support to my actual profession - which is teaching.


#3) The best of both worlds:

  • in-person, weekly lessons with a personal "coach" who can guide you step-by-step, providing immediate feedback, AND...

  • online video recaps of every lesson to review at home at any time and keep you on track.

Here at Piano Belloso Music Studio, you don't have to choose between the convenience of online interactivity and the effectiveness of personal coaching. YOU GET BOTH.


#4) Shared/Group Lessons.

In addition to private, 1-on-1 lessons, we offer shared lessons (bring a friend!). Students in group classes learn collaboration, cooperation, and connection in a positive, encouraging social environment. It's more fun, it's actually more effective, and more affordable too.